Monthly Archives: September 2013

Hello from Toronto!

On August 9, 2013 the Hackneys loaded up Max (our Tahoe) to drive north, north of the border. We were Toronto bound.  Yes I do mean Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  A packed semi-truck followed with all of our possessions.  We reached the border at Niagara, NY on Sunday, August 11th.  Within a few hours we received our temporary visas and crossed over into Canada.  Monday the truck arrived and school uniform fittings were underway for Elise and Preston. It was wild day.

Some of you may ask what has brought us to Canada.  In May, Richard accepted a temporary assignment with his company to be the Eastern Canada District Manager.  The kids and I plan to be in the city for the school year.  An experience of a lifetime is the way we view this opportunity.

Look for future posts to find out how we are doing.