Monthly Archives: April 2014

April Showers

The snow is almost gone.  All that is left is the dirty snow on the side of the road or at the ends of the driveways.  The yard is starting to green and I am hoping for some buds on the trees.  Last night is started raining and didn’t stop until 8 a.m. this morning.  A good solid rain.  I’m not sure we need but anything that washes away winter is fine by me.  The salt on the cars, sidewalks are roads is slowing dissipating into the Earth.

As I write this post the birds are chirping and flying around from the trees to the bushes.   Even the squirrel retrieved his nut this morning that he stored on on my front porch by the door.  Elise said it has been there for 3 days.  It was there when I took Bear out at 6:15 a.m. but had disappeared by 8 a.m. when Preston and I left for school.

Finally spring is on it’s way!


Etiquette for Party Guests

Recently I was looking through some of my grandmother’s cookbooks and found this gem.

Rules & Regulations for Party Guests

I am not sure when it was published but I found it in a cookbook dated 1967.

I am picturing a scene:  it is Friday evening and all the guests are gathered in the living room near the bar sharing stories from the week and sipping on cocktails. Women in their dresses and high heels, men in their suits &  ties. During the course of the evening the host pulls out this list rules to share with his guests.  Laughter irrupts as they review it.

I believe I will be sharing it at my next party. What a conversation starter.