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Meet Bear

This little fellow is all ours. We picked up Aggie Bear, Bear for short on Wednesday, March 12th.  He was one of 12 puppies delivered to Rina & Reagan on December 27, 2013.  As of today Bear is 12 weeks old. Look at those blue eyes, brown nose, and sweet face.

Rina Reagan pups 8 wks old 038


Bear is in the middle front.  They are all so adorable! I was fortunate to visit and play with all the puppies on February 15th.  They were all full of energy and excited to see visitors. When we walked into the barn they all came running to us for comfort and playful fun.  The picture above is after our playtime together. All tuckered out!

As most of you know we lost Sadie on October 17, 2013.  She contracted a rare form of cancer at the early age of five.  We miss her dearly and are thankful everyday for the time she was in our lives.

Christmas card 2013

Here is Sadie girl.  Bear and Sadie are related.  Rina (Bear’s mother) and Sadie are half sisters.



Here is Dancer. Mother to Rina & Sadie. Dancer is very calm and loving as you can see from the picture above. Sadie was the same way.  From what we have experienced with Bear we believe he will be the same.

Bear 3/17/14

Here again is that sweet face.  Although we were waiting until summer to get a new puppy sometimes the right time is not our decision.

Bear welcome to the family!


About 3 weeks ago we got a break in the weather.  It warmed up to 40 degrees.  At the bottom of our driveway was a long, thick slab of ice.

Ice at the end of the driveway 2/20/14

Ice at the end of the driveway 2/20/14

Look at those chunks of ice.  Elise and I used the axe to bust it  up. It felt good to get it out of there.

Look at the driveway.



Ice builds up underneath my car after a thaw. Look at that drainage pipe. I practically have a skating rink.  One slippery slope.  Danger Will Robinson! So Richard and I extended the pipe to go under my car.  Much better still not safe but better.

Photo to be added later.

Melt snow and ice. Melt!!!

The Hackneys are ready for the snow and ice to melt.  You know go away and come back next November when we are not here!  We have had enough winter.  It started early this year in November.  Every Canadian I talk with is ready for the white stuff to go away.     On Wednesday it reached 40 degrees here.  The kids and I were able to break up most of the 4 inch thick slab of ice at the bottom of our driveway so water would drain off the driveway and into the street instead of making puddles and freezing over.

Our driveway sits on an angle.  It is never fun pulling in after it has snowed or sleeted.  car covered 2-5-14


This is a picture of the last snow we received.  About 4 inches in total. Snow is much easier to clean up than ice.

February 21, 2014

February 21, 2014

This is the driveway today.  See the ice.  Remember sometimes you can’t see ice!  I slipped a few times and so did Richard.  We didn’t fall but Preston did.  He went down on his back. Bruised his right wrist and elbow.  Thankfully nothing is broken!

Drain at house 2/21/14

Drain at house 2/21/14

This drain is a big culprit to the ice problems.  Why they would put the drain down the middle of the driveway is beyond me.   It should be moved to the side of the house and down the edge of the driveway with a long pipe to the street.  Underneath my car is a 1/2 thick sheet of ice.  Until the weather reaches 40 and above consistently this problem in not going to go away any time soon.

So again I state melt snow and ice. Melt!!! Also sun please come out to shine!






Growing up in Michigan I rarely watched baseball. I played softball one year in grade school. This was my parents idea. I didn’t like it one bit.  The coach wanted me to play first base.  I thought my height was the main reason I was at first. No, it was because I didn’t run very well with my long legs and couldn’t throw at all.   Every time I saw a runner approaching first I had fear of getting run over and missing the ball.

Growing up I did attend a few Detroit Tigers games but found it boring. Not enough action.  I was use to watching football and basketball with my dad.  Dad would explain all the plays to me.  It was our bonding time.  Plus my dad didn’t like baseball either.   I really didn’t understand the game.

It wasn’t until Preston finished Tball and started playing Coaches Pitch  that I enjoyed the game.  Preston’s coach, Bruce White, needed someone to keep score of the game.  Well if you know me, you know that I am involved.  Of course, I was Team Mom so who better than me to keep score according to Bruce.  I had never done this before.  Never been asked to keep “the book”. The role of Team Mom is to provide every parent a schedule of games, assign snack, and collect money for the coaches.  I always thought another dad or assistant coach would keep score.    Well I was about to learn.

All I can say it the game became interesting.  I kept score for several years that Preston played in Little League.  Preston has now graduated to school ball.  He is currently on a travel team.  Practices are every Tuesday night.  The season will start in April.  I can’t wait!

Leaside Leafs practice 2-18-14

Leaside Leafs practice 2-18-14

Interiors Show – Toronto

RIchard and I went exploring at the Interiors Show over the weekend.   We are always looking for latest in home appliances, furnishings, and unique ideas.  We found a few.

Crystal Ball light

The Crystal light caught my attention.  I love the wall behind it filled with flowers and lights.

Airplane beverage service area

This piece should be familiar to frequent flyers.  It is a refurbished beverage cabinet from the first class cabin of a jet.  This piece along with the one below was up for auction during the show.

Exit door of plane

Below is one of my favorite new finds.


This sink is going in my next house.  Both sides of the sink are large enough to hold pots, pans and cookie sheets.  The divider in the middle is only halfway up the sink so there is less chance of water splashing out. Plus it doesn’t scratch.


Richard and I also liked these picture carpets.  Pieces of art turned into area rugs.  You can choose one of their designs or create one yourself.   Colors are beautiful.

Show was a great place to dream of new ideas for our home.


Physical Activity Tuesday

Tuesday Tennis Group

Tuesday Tennis Group

Tuesdays are all about exercise for the Hackney crew.  Activities involve tennis, baseball & the gym.  Exercise is important to me.  It clears my head and helps me keep my focus to embrace day. So when we moved to Toronto in August we started looking around for a place that would fit most of the needs listed above.  We finally found the place that would work for best for our family.  It is the MayFair Club.  There are 2 facilities we frequent.  The Parkway & East.  The East is mainly for tennis & squash although it has a small workout room.  The Parkway offers swimming, squash, tennis and a large workout area.  I should also mention it is has a spa and bistro.   After each of us received a tennis and exercise evaluation we were ready to get started.

In October, I began playing with a group of great men & women on Tuesday mornings.  Each week we have 3 to 4 courts.  For 2 hours we play with 3 different partners and receive tips from the pro monitoring our play.  I have made many new friends and improved my game.

From 5:30 – 8 p.m. Elise starts her elite proformance tennis clinic and conditioning.  She is finding it to be very beneficial in preparing for school tryouts this spring.  I certainly don’t want to forget about Richard.  While Elise is working on her wicked cross court forehand, Richard hits the gym for a workout and hot tub to release the stress from his muscles.

After we drop Elise off Preston and I head home for a brief stop to tackle homework and leftovers for dinner before heading off to baseball practice from 8 – 9:30 p.m.  I know what you are thinking how can he practice baseball in Toronto winter.  Let me explain.  An indoor facility called Out Of The Park Sports is the place to be for baseball. His coaches and teammates work on throwing, fielding drills, hitting and core strength training. A great workout for P.

After a long Tuesday of physcial activity we are all exhausted.  Kids shower and off to bed we go.  Good night!

BVG Holiday Market – 2013

BVG Holiday Market - 2013

Yesterday was Bayview Glen’s Holiday Market.  A great event for the whole family.  Cookie decorating, pictures with Santa, a DJ, local vendors and themed baskets.   I made several cakes and cookies for the event and volunteered at the cookie decorating table from 2:30 p.m. 4 p.m. During my shift several JKs (junior kindergarteners) and I decorated stockings and gingerbread cookies. The cookies were covered in piped icing, sprinkles and colorful sugars.  Decorating the cookies brought back memories of Preston and I decorating  gingerbread houses at the Ascot Clubhouse. Preston was almost four years old.  Hard to believe he will be thirteen in a few weeks.  I love memories. Let me get back to the market now.

One of my favorite areas of the market is the themed baskets.  At BVG, each grade is to design one or many themed baskets for the silent auction.  Grade 10 was able to provide four themed  baskets.  Each one had a unique platter or baking dish.  Of course, I really enjoy anything relating to cooking so I purchased one filled with a bottle of bubbly, bottle of olive oil, balsamic vinegar and Lindor truffles in a beautiful golden baking dish.  The silent auction was from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. with “a special buy time available to all.”  Let me explain the “special buy time”. During the specified hours of 3 p.m. to 5 p.m.  anyone could purchase a basket for 85% of the cost of the basket.   A great incentive to me!  I will explain my reasoning.

1.  I get what I want.

2. The school gets $$.

3. I don’t have to monitor the bid sheet all evening.  

Several women must have the same thought process because at 3:05 p.m. I witnessed 5 of the 35+ baskets being carried to the check out station for purchase.   Such fun!!

My Chocolate Chip Bundt cakes & Oatmeal Craisin Cookies

My Chocolate Chip Bundt cakes & Oatmeal Craisin Cookies