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Barton Creek Farmers Market

Today Elise and I went to our first Farmers Market in Austin. It is right next to our apartment. I can see the tents from our parking lot. Fun, fun, fun!!!

Barton Creek Farmers Market

Richard would have to be prepared to take me to a market. It can prove to be dangerous. I ask a bunch of questions. Plus if I see something of interest then I want to taste it or just plain touch it. Most likely I am going to buy it! Richard really needs to be prepared for the outing.

As you can see from the picture below we came home with a few items.   Like a kid in a candy store! Please can I try one of those and those and …

This picture doesn’t show all that I bought, but it shows a few of the delicious goodies we, including Bear, get to sample.


Dog treats, jalapenos, granola, honey, tamales & hummus

Below is a juice I tried at the market. Yummy! Kale, Apple, Ginger & don’t know that last ingredient.  I can’t find the vendor’s card.  Somehow I lost it.


Kale, apple, ginger & ????

Need to share  that I was bummed about two items: eggs and tacos. All sold out by 11 a.m. Elise and I arrived at 11:45 a.m. a bit too late. Missed it by that much!! Oh well I guess there is a reason to go back.

Etiquette for Party Guests

Recently I was looking through some of my grandmother’s cookbooks and found this gem.

Rules & Regulations for Party Guests

I am not sure when it was published but I found it in a cookbook dated 1967.

I am picturing a scene:  it is Friday evening and all the guests are gathered in the living room near the bar sharing stories from the week and sipping on cocktails. Women in their dresses and high heels, men in their suits &  ties. During the course of the evening the host pulls out this list rules to share with his guests.  Laughter irrupts as they review it.

I believe I will be sharing it at my next party. What a conversation starter.


My City Bag

I love this bag.  It is perfect for walking around Toronto or traveling with Richard.  It is much smaller than any purse or handbag I own.  It holds everything I need for a subway ride downtown to go exploring, taking in a show on Yonge Street (2 city block walk)  or shopping hands-free!

Sidewinder by Mosey

Sidewinder by Mosey

I found it at a shop on Bayview called WLW – What Lola Wants.  Cute shop with a variety of jewelry, gifts for the girlfriend and seasonal items.  I need to go check it out again for spring accessories are coming in!

Back of Sidewinder. Pocket it great for the cellphone.

Back of Sidewinder. Pocket it great for the cellphone.

Bag is made in the USA!  Check out their website if you want learn more about the Sidewinder or other bags they make.  I enjoy supporting companies that have a story like theirs.

Note:  This is a bag I enjoy carrying and find useful it may not be for everyone. If you are a friend of mine you know how I love to share a cool find.