Meet Bear

This little fellow is all ours. We picked up Aggie Bear, Bear for short on Wednesday, March 12th.  He was one of 12 puppies delivered to Rina & Reagan on December 27, 2013.  As of today Bear is 12 weeks old. Look at those blue eyes, brown nose, and sweet face.

Rina Reagan pups 8 wks old 038


Bear is in the middle front.  They are all so adorable! I was fortunate to visit and play with all the puppies on February 15th.  They were all full of energy and excited to see visitors. When we walked into the barn they all came running to us for comfort and playful fun.  The picture above is after our playtime together. All tuckered out!

As most of you know we lost Sadie on October 17, 2013.  She contracted a rare form of cancer at the early age of five.  We miss her dearly and are thankful everyday for the time she was in our lives.

Christmas card 2013

Here is Sadie girl.  Bear and Sadie are related.  Rina (Bear’s mother) and Sadie are half sisters.



Here is Dancer. Mother to Rina & Sadie. Dancer is very calm and loving as you can see from the picture above. Sadie was the same way.  From what we have experienced with Bear we believe he will be the same.

Bear 3/17/14

Here again is that sweet face.  Although we were waiting until summer to get a new puppy sometimes the right time is not our decision.

Bear welcome to the family!

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